Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Not Listening!

Now this isn't one of our designs, but I thought it was pretty cute!

A cute little monkey putting his fingers in his ears, saying "Not listening"! I could totally see this on one of our kids some day. You know those days when they just don't seem to want to listen?

I guess this could be for some adults as well! :) You can find this design at My Cool Gear.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Download to diaper

What's one of the most feared parts of having a baby? You guessed it! Changing diapers!!! Especially poopy diapers! So we created this funny design to tell people when it is time to change the diaper!

Here is a closeup of the design:

And here is what it looks like on a onesie:

We thought this was pretty cute. It is made to look like a computer downloading a file from the internet, except instead of a computer it is a diaper. Instead of the internet it is a baby. And instead of a file... it's.... you know! POOP! It has 3 options at the bottom; Change the diaper, plug your nose, or pass to grandma! I will probably make other designs where that last option is different, like pass to grandpa, daddy, mommy, etc.

Check out this design at Living Moments Designs!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hot Chick Shirt

Once we had created the "Chick Magnet" shirt for our son, we needed an equally cute shirt for his twin sister. This is what we came up with!

Who wouldn't think she was a hot chick when she wears this infant creeper?! Of course we realized that there are older "hot chicks" as well and didn't want to leave them out. That's why we created our adult version of the "hot chick" shirt!

Any girl will look smokin' hot in this shirt!

Check this one and other hot chick products at Living Moments Hot Chick Designs.

Chick Magnet Shirt

Once we had kids, like any other parents, we wanted to dress them in cute clothes. Not that they really need it because they are really cute to begin with! Our son is so cute I wanted to make a shirt that showcased that. Here's what I came up with:

Chick + Magnet = Chick Magnet!

We thought this would look so cute on a little boy. Then once we put it on www.cafepress.com/livingmoments we realized that this could apply to older "chick magnets" as well.

So I created some more adult versions of the shirt.

For those guys that think they are a chick magnet! :)

This shirt is available in several colors, so check out our cafepress shop to find one for the chick magnet you know!

Living Moments Chick Magnet Shirts

Bun In The Oven Shirt!

This design has got to be one of my most popular on www.cafepress.com/livingmoments.

The idea for this design first came to me when my wife and I were planning to have kids. We wanted an original way to let people know we were expecting! One slang way of saying you are pregnant is to say you have "a bun in the oven". So I created this shirt that shows a bun being baked in an oven.

I made it very detailed, even setting the temperature controls to the correct temperature for baking buns. If you look very closely, you'll even see that the digital clock reads "BABY"!

So we bought the shirt from www.cafepress.com/livingmoments and then told our family on Christmas day. My wife put the shirt on and just waited for them to notice. It didn't take long and everyone was very excited!

Well not long after, my wife and I went to a doctor appointment and found out we were having TWINS!!! So I designed this shirt:

Much to my suprise, these shirts have been a hit on www.cafepress.com/livingmoments , quickly becoming one of my best sellers! I'm so happy I have been able to be a small part of a special time in so many couples' lives!

Premiere of Living Moments Designs

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